Use Consumer Data to Improve Customer Experience


Are you embracing customer experience as a strategic path to growth? Are you using customer data to make user experience as relevant and as personalised as possible?

If you’re not, in today’s day and age, then you won’t just be lagging but you will be left behind.

It is important that your user consumes content that is as relevant and as personalised as possible. Data suggests that consumers are likely to switch to your competitor websites/apps if you do not match up to their expectation of content consumption.

Hence, it becomes even important, to create good user experience and keep updating it as per the user behaviour.

So, what can help you understand how users are behaving? Data.

Creating an excellent customer experience depends on the acquisition of data.

Data quality must be top priority during acquisition of data. One small mistake, and the customer experience can be adversely affected. Data credibility becomes the most important factor while taking data driven business decisions. Organisations must collect, analyse, understand and use consumer data to learn how to make customer experience better.

Let’s understand how consumer data can be effectively used to improve customer experience better.

  • Add value and personalise consumer experience

Tags are pieces of code placed on every page of your website to capture consumer data at every point of their journey. It provides you insight into how users are engaging with your website and every single detail about consumer behaviour. You can analyse user behaviour trends from the data collected. Do ensure that you maintain high data quality standards. Then, it will be become easy to provide a seamless customer experience, that is personalised as per their interests and preferences.

  • It shows what’s not working

What’s the use of investing in data collection and analysis if it does not tell you where you’re going wrong? Data collected through tags should help you understand where you fail at delivering a stellar experience to your user. It should be able to tell you where your user is leaving the website. It is important that you go ahead and then fix the required issues.

  • It shows the way forward to shape your future CX

Data and analytics give you a wide range of information about how people feel about the various elements of the website. Consumer data helps you accurately track abandonment, traffic and consumer engagement. It helps you identify patterns of user behaviour that lead to conversions/ abandons. It also allows you to create practical experiences, increase sales and craft ROI positive marketing strategies.Customer data helps peek into your offerings of the future customer experience and shape it.

Now, that we have understood how data driven decisions can lead to providing better customer experience, let’s see how Falcon can help you.

As we discussed, data quality is the most important determinant of a successful data driven decision. If you collect consumer data that is inaccurate and not credible, you’re bound to make decisions that add to a poor customer experience.

In order to maintain and improve data quality, it is important to have a data governance framework within your organisation.

A data governance framework defines rules and policies to manage and monitor the organization’s data while maintaining data credibility and data privacy. It is important to have a tool that automates the process of data governance to ensure your data is trustworthy for decision making.

Inaccurate data collection is the first checkpoint where data credibility can be questioned. Consumer data are collected through numerous tags that are fired across numerous web pages.

In case, the tags are –

  • Duplicate
  • Missing
  • Irrelevant or Not Updated
  • Unauthorized
  • Broken

It might lead to inaccurate data collection and poor data quality and credibility.

Client or server or redirection errors can also lead to the consumer leaving the website and never coming back again. This is caused due to broken links.

Falcon’s data governance solutions offer you a variety of features to resolve these issues and ensure data credibility and data quality.

Our website tag audit tool offers a tag analytics and website performance report which is easily downloadable as well. Falcon crawls each page of your website to give you a report about the presence of tags, analytical tracking enablement and client/server/redirection errors.

Our tag analysis reports breaks down the presence of all the tags at an individual web page basis. It gives you information about pages that have duplicate/missing/unauthorised/broken tags so that you can fix it to improve data quality. It also gives you a report of all the pages that do not have analytical tracking enabled.

Our website performance reports provide you with the list of pages with client/server/redirection errors. It also gives you a breakdown of the load time of individual webpages. It makes it extremely easy for you to find out pages with high load time that are contributing to poor user experience.

Falcon makes data management a smooth sail and helps you maintain data quality and data credibility. Just in a matter of few minutes, you can identify the root cause of poor data quality and decision making.

Once you fix the issues pointed out by our website tag audit tool, you are ready to make data driven decisions that help you offer a stellar customer experience.

Check out the free trial of Falcon today and embark towards a journey to shape and improve the customer experience that your website has to offer!

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