Tag Management With Falcon

Tag Management Through Falcon

In today’s world, people are spending majority of their time between multiple devices accessing websites for information. While offline marketing has been preferred way to market online marketing is not far behind. With most customers online, developing your online and offline presence is equally critical.

With thousands of visitors coming to your website, it’s critical the right data is collected and monitored to improve the performance of your website and deliver the expected results. Tags act as watchdogs on your website monitoring those who come in and their behavior. However, Tags fail periodically, and this can jeopardize the process of data collection and subsequently decision making.

Nearly 90% of marketers, across all types of organizations, agree that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to their success. Leading retail and telecom companies use integrated data and technology to understand their audience and make those timely connections.

Tag auditing platforms and products are one of the ways to keep your MarTech spending in check and identify potential customers visiting your web pages. With Falcon, we offer the opportunity to run a free trial before you upgrade your account.

Falcon Scan Results

Falcon is an intelligent system for website performance monitoring and capturing key metrics with tag audits that help you understand your website performance. On sign up, one can scan up to 50 pages as part of the free trial and then upgrade for more features.

We offer metrics around Tag Analysis, Website Analytics and Automated Insights – which will call out things that need immediate attention, good to do and things that are working well for the site.

If you are interested in trying Falcon for free, please sign up with your business email address and we will have your account setup. Falcon is a product from Nabler – a digital analytics company working with clients across multiple industries.
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