Seamless Customer Experience across all Devices and Platforms with Falcon


Gone are the days when you could rely on a single channel for your marketing goals. With multiple digital platforms and devices available, the expectations to improve customer experience have risen because various channels interact with the customers in their own distinct manner.

Our Tag Management tool, Falcon identifies and quickly fixes the points of friction that may be hindering a flawless customer experience on your website. The tool automatically scans the pages on your website starting with the homepage and crawls through the site, searching for key metrics for tags as well as web page level analysis. It also identifies all web tags present on your site and/or highlights any data gaps with missing tags.

This is how Falcon solves your problems

 1. Channel optimization

Customer experience spans across several channels and touch points and is best when personalized. But you need to adopt an omnichannel strategy to ensure maximum interaction and maintain a high conversion rate. And this strategy can prove to be extremely challenging as there are numerous channels to organize.

Therefore, it is important that you identify which channels engage most customers and the ones which get you the maximum number of conversions. Channel attribution analytics is the key and works best when your data is free of all errors. This helps you understand how your customers move from first interaction until they complete the process and make a purchase. This also helps you optimize your resources and efforts appropriately by making smarter, and more well-informed marketing decisions.

With the best tag auditing services, you will ever find, Falcon ensures that the data you use is credible with no duplicate page views. This way, you can distinguish your new customers from the ones who have visited again. And helps you identify your customers’ journey and optimize the experience you provide for your customers.

 2. Optimal loading speed

First impressions are crucial for your website. Visitors, readers, and consumers make an instant judgement about you and your business. Having a faster loading web page is an instant-win for user experience. Tweet By monitoring your website load time, you get a chance to serve your visitors better and boost your search rankings, sales and conversions.

The load time on various devices like Laptop, Mobile and tablet varies and affects the user journey across all these devices. Falcon captures key performance metrics as each web page is crawled through. Detailed reports ensure that you have insights on metrics which impact the load time the most.

Falcon has it all, starting from insights, reports on time to first byte (TTFB), to the average connection time, page loading time and the average DNS time.

 3. Online Reputation

Broken links are one of the main roadblocks in the conversion process.

If your site is a chaotic mess of broken links that prevents users from accessing the information they need or from completing a task, don’t be surprised if they move on to the next site that provides a better experience. If a user encounters a broken link, they will likely be discouraged from continuing to any other pages.

Search Engine Algorithms would assume that because your site lacks quality content or information, visitors don’t spend much time on the website which in turn results in a lower ranking.

Falcon scans your website and identifies broken links, duplicate page views and checks the data quality. This aspect of Falcon helps monitor what people say about your website and help you maintain a good online reputation.

With the above unique features and a lot more in store, Falcon protects you from downtime and helps you facilitate the best customer experience for your privileged clients. All you need to do is try it out.

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