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We love personalizing our houses, no matter how big or small they might be.We put up posters, fill up bookshelves and even arrange antiques which we love looking at, every now and then. There’s a lot which goes into make the house feel our own. Similarly, a successful campaign or business objective consists of essential metrics you must look into. However, it is quite understandable to be confused about how you want to personalize your home or in other words, which metrics you could make the best out of.

Depending on your objectives, there can be particular sets of metrics you might take into consideration, just the way we prioritize certain decor and housing equipment over others. There are, however, particular metrics you must never ignore, for these metrics constitute the basic necessities. Let’s say you’re throwing a house party to get everyone to know you, and vice versa.

Here are the metrics which are essential to your business needs at all times, and a few house party tips along with it!


If you’re planning on throwing a house party, you’d definitely want to go with “the more, the merrier”. Similarly, more traffic is always better, because it accounts for increased interaction with your website. If however, the traffic becomes stagnant, or reduces at any point, you must look into what is and isn’t working and then make the right decision.

Pro Tip: Ensure that you have an increase in traffic over time. An increase or decrease in traffic is a clear indicator of how your users perceive your content and the website on a whole.

Traffic Sources

Knowing where your new friends will be coming from goes a long way in showing that you’re the real deal. The same goes for traffic sources, as you can see which sources are bringing in the most visitors. This helps you invest in the right channels to make the most out of what’s working for you.


No one likes a boring party, and your party better be the best there is! Everybody loves great content, just the way we love happening parties. Great content always brings in visitors who are likely to remain loyal to your brand. Repetitive content not only gets dull, but also makes visitors leave. A/B testing is a great way to find out what works for your visitors and what doesn’t.

Pro Tip: Maintaining the quality of your content and paying attention to what your users like most can take you long way.

Time Spent

You wouldn’t like it if people you had just begun to hang out with had to leave the party early. You must make it as engaging and fun as possible to ensure that people stay till the very end. Similarly, fresh, engaging content is what gets people hooked onto your website. It is an important metric because it directly indicates how audience friendly your content is.


A successful house party to you could possible mean a great group of friends who invite you to their parties and introduce you to their friends! For your website, a conversion could either mean someone sharing your content, a successful transaction or the fulfillment of your call to action. Conversions help you assess the successful interactions you have with your customers and help boost your business. Conversions, after all, are what you’re aiming for!

Landing Pages

Just the way you want to strike a great first impression with your main door, and from the moment your guests enter your house, you’d want your landing pages to be seamless and engaging. You must always ensure that these landing pages lead to conversions. Also, you must frame your content in such a way that your visitors are inclined to explore your website further. This makes landing pages an important metric to consider. You can identify your landing pages by knowing where the majority of your traffic goes first.

Pro Tip: Ensure that your landing pages are easy to understand and engaging, it can help you create an effective sales funnel.

Exit Points

You’d definitely want to know when your guests leave the party, and why they’d so. Last page user visit on your website, these points on a website are called exit points. Exit points help you identify your weak areas. You can use this information, combined with A/B testing if necessary to get back on track and keep growing.

New Users

These are the first timer to your website. Though new users may not  mean significant growth to your business, you can definitely use your content to make sure they come back for more! Since each unique visitor is tagged with an ID assigned to them, you’d know who’s new, and who’s visiting you again.

Returning Users

Now that the party has ended, wouldn’t it be the best thing to be asked when you’d host the next one ? The same goes for your website, where the visitors who return to your website are the ones who will remain most loyal to your brand. These are the kind of visitors you need to keep engaged, with individually tailored offers and exclusive content. You can easily identify the returning users from the new ones by the IDs that your tags associate them with. The more returning visitors you get, the more engaging your content usually is.

Network Referrals

You’d definitely want to know who’s talking about the awesome party you threw, and how well the others are getting to know about this. Similarly, network referrals help you know how people are engaging with your content on social media channels and the people who are spreading word about your business. You can also measure the traffic through these channels and identify the most engaging platforms and sources of traffic. Taking care of your network referrals ensures that your social media marketing strategies are paying well.

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