Improve User Experience with Data Driven Personalisation


Are you deeply connecting with every consumer that comes on your website? Are you collecting each data point of your consumer’s journey? Are you ensuring a seamless user experience on your website?

Every organisation wants to set these goals to build a set of loyal customers that generate business for them. But how can you ensure that you provide that you show the right content at the right time to your customer? The answer is data driven personalisation.

Most marketers and analysts struggle with collecting every point of the consumer journey to provide the best personalised user experience possible.

Let’s understand why data driven personalisation is a must have marketing strategy to improve customer experience and how you can ace this strategy.

Website personalisation is about creating a highly individualised and targeted experience to suit your user’s needs. It involves presenting something that is meaningful or adds value to someone based on their characteristics, behaviour, attributes and data analysis.

Understanding user intent and collecting credible user information can help provide experiences tailormade to the preference of the user. Data driven personalisation has proven to show enhanced engagement and retention, better user insights, higher revenues and improved conversions.

Let’s see the example of Spotify uses data driven personalisation to build emotional connection with the consumer.

Anytime user login to Spotify, user will find the “Discover Weekly” playlist. Discover Weekly is a playlist of songs that automatically appears each Monday in every Spotify user’s account. It analyses that person’s music listening history, focusing on the music he or she has played recently. It then compares that insight to the streaming behaviour of others. Scanning numerous playlists, the system finds tracks that are commonly listed alongside music with which a user is already familiar, and then groups those tracks together into a personalized playlist.

Result – The user feels like the playlist has been curated by someone who knows their music taste inside out and every minute preference has been considered.

So, how does Spotify do this? It uses a sensible data strategy to provide a personalised user experience. It collects and analyses credible data (every minute detail) about the preference of music of their consumers. Data credibility is the golden ticket to maximising personalised user experiences that converts to consumers generating revenue.

Data credibility or trustworthy data can be attained with the help of data governance. Data governance includes the process of monitoring all data sources to ensure accuracy of data collection. Data is collected on websites with the help of tags/pixels. Tag is a piece of code placed on several pages of the website to capture consumer data at every point.

Incorrect deployment of tags can lead to:

Inaccurate Data Collection — Flawed Personalised User Experience — Loss of Customers

Falcon’s website tag audit tool helps you find if you are missing any tag implementation leading to loss in user data for pages and events on critical path . You can use Falcon’s Scenario Builder feature to trace a path in the consumer journey that matters to you the most. You can allow Falcon to crawl a consumer path that involves personalising user experience. This will help you to identify the pain points that are deterrent to providing the best user experience on the website.

Falcon’s website tag audit tool helps you find any missing/broken/duplicate tags which might be the cause of inaccurate data collection. Incorrect deployed tags can lead to inflated data or losing irrecoverable data.

Our tag analysis reports help you find all the errors in your tag placement and deployment. Just after running a scan on Falcon, you can find a comprehensive and consumable report of the tags triggered on your website.

You need data credibility to use your data meaningfully. You need to leverage the right data to enhance core user experience, solve critical pain points, and predict the user intent to provide a delightful user journey.

Avail our free trial and use Falcon’s features to provide your users a data driven personalised experience.

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