How To Track Critical Path of website with the Falcon Scenario Builder


Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager has made it extremely easier for organisations to track every point of the consumer journey. From their location to age to the pages they view and the buttons they click, everything is trackable. This makes it extremely easy for marketers and analysts to track every move that the consumer makes on their website.

With easy access to data comes the responsibility to track it to ensure that the right data is collected, and data integrity is maintained. Consumer behaviour is captured through tags that are pieces of code placed on the website. It is important to track these tags and variables to automate the QA process.

While it is important to take into consideration all the data in the website user journey, the priority is on the critical paths that the user traverses on your website. It becomes critical to analyse whether the right data is being collected when the user navigates through the conversion funnel where key metrics are captured.

Falcon’s Scenario Builder allows you to simulate your website’s customer journey to understand why the user is not completing the path or analytical tracking is not up to the mark. It ensures that all the tags are variable are correctly fired on each event for critical paths of your website so that data integrity is maintained.

Let’s understand how you can do that.

For example, you are a part of an educational institution and are responsible for ensuring that data is correctly collected on your website. Students come on to your website, explore various courses, apply for these courses and even send in their queries to show interest for them.

Let’s say the most important path on the website for you is when a student shares data to show interest for your flagship course of master’s in management. You want to replicate the journey the user has taken on your website to finish filling the “Interest in Course Form” when you receive all the details.

You want to understand the consumer behaviour, and ensure that all the tags and variables are fired correctly on your website at each event level. You also want an insight into why the user is not completing the form or traversing the complete path if that is the case.

So, how will Falcon’s Scenario Builder help you in simulating the user’s journey for tracking the critical path?

The Scenario Builder helps you interact with your webpage like a user would do. You can build your user path at an event level. You can decide each metric that you want to track when each event takes place by adding the URL of that event. You can validate each event by setting up rules, designated web tags, variables and values, that should fire after each step.

For example – the student landed on the course page (event) and you want to track whether the tags are able to capture the page view (metric you want to track). You can create a series of events like this to track the user journey on the website from start to finish. It is basically a map of the steps that the users would follow when they traverse on your website.

Scenario builder gives you an insight into the customer journey map and allows you to track customer journey analytics.

Once you define a path on the Scenario builder through a series of events and run a query, Falcon navigates through your website follows that path. Key datasets via tag requests fired are saved by Falcon in form of a consumable report. It will gives you a detailed report of which tags are not firing correctly and helps you find out the source of incorrect data collection. Our report also helps you identify events on which analytical tracking is not enabled.

The report detects the incorrect implementation of all values and variables that are expect at a server level.

On analysing the report produced by Falcon’s Scenario Builder, you can also find the events where the user bounces off the website or does not complete the path. This becomes an extreme vital data point to consider improving your consumer funnel.

Scenario Builder is extreme

Falcon’s Website Audit Tool and Scenario Builder makes tracking the website user journey a smooth sail.

The steps to complete the user journey are important to test analytics. Validating tags and variables are firing correctly are Important for data integrity.

You get to know the customer journey analytics, issues with tag implementation and analytical tracking just in a few minutes with the help of Falcon!

Sign up for our free trial to improve your customer funnel and ensure that all the critical paths of your website are functioning properly with Falcon’s Scenario Builder!


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