How to implement a successful customer experience strategy

successful consumer experience strategy

Customer Experience

Customer experience is that aspect of your organization which makes you who you are. Yes! It is that aspect of your business which cannot be bought or sold but can be made uniquely yours. Customer experience affects the entire process where you interact with your customers, right from the moment they spot your advertisement/search result, till the time they purchase your product, and even beyond!

So where does it begin? It begins with you! You get to decide how you want to be perceived. The kind of interaction you wish to maintain with your customers is completely your call, and this gives you the best possible opportunity to express yourself. Yes, an empty canvas to begin with, and a beautiful portrait to be remembered by!

Why is Customer Experience of utmost Importance?

The best websites today are the ones which provide customers with smoothest transitions and the most user-friendly navigation. The same goes for apps. The easier it is to use and navigate through an app, the better it fares in the competitive and dynamic market we have today.  Customer experience plays a vital role in boosting your brand recognition and consequently, in helping you retain and win over more customers.

Customer experience goes beyond the customary feedback methods and considers every touchpoint encountered by the customer. It encompasses all possibilities and you must therefore strive to ensure that your customers don’t walk away, halfway through.

Consider an instance where you were trying to get the best of deals on a festive sale, on your favorite e-commerce platform. You’d expect the process to be quick and uninterrupted from start to finish, right?

If the platform were yours, you’d want it to be:

  • Versatile enough to handle high volumes of traffic.
  • Adaptive enough to function smoothly on all devices, be it mobile phones, tables, laptops or desktops.
  • Smooth enough to work seamlessly even on low speed internet connections.

Consider another situation where you’ve seen something you like, while browsing through an ecommerce site on your smartphone. You would go through the ratings and customer reviews. You might even browse the same website on desktop. On a larger screen, you’re able to look at the product in ways you couldn’t do, on your smartphone. If you would like to make a purchase, you would add the product to your cart, to buy it later.

Now that you’ve decided to buy the product from the platform, you might log in through your tablet in case you are away from any desktop or mobile. Throughout these device transitions, you’ve been using a website which adapts effortlessly to different screen sizes and can load with all kinds of internet speeds. The payment system would also be integrated and seamless that it was secure and quick enough to not take much of your time. You wouldn’t mind making a second purchase with such smooth transition across devices, right?

Similarly, your website needs to be adaptive, seamless and secure, in order to provide the best possible customer experience. It also needs to function smoothly across several channels, be it apps or websites. There are several ways in which you could enhance consumer experience and improve the consumer lifetime value.

Become more Customer Centric

Many trivial factors contribute to an incredible consumer experience. These vary from the engagement, the content and the personalized interaction to optimal loading time, proper collection and utilization of consumer data. You would want curate personalized experience to your consumers at every stage of the consumer journey.

  • Personalized experience can be further enhanced by filtering out content on your platforms, based on the user’s location, interaction with the website, product search patterns and the details shared by the consumer. Such experience based on the data of the consumer is often experienced with ecommerce platforms where products are recommend based on what you have been looking for. It not only helps you to cross sell but also saves the time of consumers while fulfilling their needs through your services.

Such personalization is possible only when your data set is reliable and error-free. You could improve and provide a personalized experience by monitoring your tags regularly. You could monitor tags now with Falcon. These tags which collect data never falter, with the support of Falcon.

You can find such personalized experience even on music streaming platforms, where the platform provides the user with similar music of what they have been listening to. It can also be observed with websites where you could stream movies and shows.

  • Another prominent aspect of an incredible consumer experience is the seamless transition of the platform across devices. Be it in the form of an android/iOS application, a website or an application on the Microsoft store, it must be able to transit smoothly across devices and function without any glitches. Consumers these days are quite aware of fraudulent sites, and you wouldn’t want them to mistake your site for one which could steal their data. Anything out of place on the website could put off consumers, making them switch over to a competitor’s platform instead.

Falcon’s tag analytics helps you to identify broken links, duplicate views which in turn lets you know what links or content to be removed from your platform. It also enables your website to connect, manage and unify digital marketing applications.

Consider an online banking service which seamlessly allows users to make secure payments in a matter of seconds. While the website might function smoothly, you’d want to upgrade to phone applications which cater to the present generation of intense smartphone users. While your website might remain error free, any logo out of place on your application, or any feature causing the application to crash could lead to a lot of raised eyebrows. This in turn would lead to an increase in the bounce rate, which is never a pleasant sight.

Here’s how Falcon helps you take care of the most vital aspects of the consumer experience you provide

Seamless Experience Across all Devices and Platforms:

As mentioned before, what works on your website wouldn’t necessarily work the same way on your application. Similarly, the compactness of your website wouldn’t be a good fit on a smart phone which would rather be better off being content/feature-rich and responsive.

Likely, the elements on your website need to respond equally well across all screen sizes, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop. You would need the elements to maintain the content, size ratio with which they fit on screen, and the speed with which they load.

You can always monitor these elements with Falcon, and find out what could be made better, with our comprehensive reporting on web analytics. With each element being scanned and grouped appropriately, you can make better decisions for your online business!

Standard Consumer Experience for Returning Customers

It is important to win over new customers and sweep them of their feet with an unforgettable experience. However, many of these customers who have been brand loyal to your services would visit your platform repeatedly.

While you’d keep new customers engaged with exclusive offers and the best of services, it is also of utmost importance to engage your returning customers and ensure that repeated visits are . From issues with logging in to unexpected issues with their profile on your website, there could be countless ways in which you’d need to help them feel at ease. Not only is it important to retain these customers, but it is also important to provide them with standard experiences they can always look forward to.

With the combination of scheduled scans and a comprehensive web analytics insight, you could fix all the possible discrepancies right away.

Personalized Experience Throughout the Product Life Cycle:

While it is important to provide your customers with the best possible experience till the completion of their purchase, it is also important to finish the cycle of communication between your customer and you. This is achieved by ensuring that your products or services are in good shape. This can be achieved by ensuring that all your channels remain intact. Our website tag audit platform Falcon helps you by providing you with a state-of-the-art tag auditing feature. This not only helps you get the right data from all your channels but also ensures that you reach out to your customers quickly.

With the features of tag auditing, web analytics and regular scans at your disposal, Falcon has everything you need to ensure that your customers get the best experience you can provide. Get your website scanned for free to know your consumer experience provided by your website with automated insights.

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