How Falcon Can Act as Your Data Governance Tool


In today’s day and age, improving customer experience revolves around data driven decisions. The most important factor that impacts these decisions is data accuracy. It is extremely important that accurate data is collected and is protected to make the best business decisions. But, with access to growing incoming consumer data, the chances to mess with the data quality and data credibility significantly increases.

Here are the few concerns that many organisations have while maintaining or improving data quality –

  • Struggling to manage the growing volume of your business information better
  • Accurate and up to date Data Collection
  • Compliance with Data Regulations and Data Compliances
  • An automated solution to access, structure and protect your data

A data governance framework solves these concerns and helps you handle your organisational data better. A good data governance framework allows the company to understand whether they are accessing trustworthy current or historical data. It also ensures that the data is completely accurate for analysis and taking data driven business decisions.

This is done with the help of regular audit of your website and alerting you if anything is missing or broke.

Data governance is about establishing methods and mechanisms to manage data availability, security, usability and integrity. It is an amalgamation of people, processes and technology to standardise, integrate, protect and store corporate data.

A data governance committee is elected to lay out a data governance framework. It validates and promotes data quality, then puts in controls to automate managing and monitoring data to meet external and internal expectations.

The goal of data governance is to –

  • Minimise risks related to data
  • Making data complete, consistent and accurate
  • Reduce 3rd party monitoring of data
  • Save on money, time and human resource
  • Improve ROI of the organisation

Data governance tools aid the process of data governance by automating the data governance framework. The right data governance tool is the perfect balance between the role of governance and the functional framework that supports data management.

Here’s what a data governance tool will do for you –

  • Manage information and data artifacts
  • Provide data quality management
  • Address data discovery and reporting
  • Tag analysis and updates
  • Gain control of data assets
  • Improve customer experience
  • Optimise marketing performance

Data governance tools are automated systems that track, govern, and verify data accuracy to improve data quality standards.

Data is collected through a piece of code called the tag which is implemented across several pages of the website. Tags are placed on webpages to capture every data point of the consumer journey, which is further analysed to optimise marketing performance.

Tag governance, which is a part of data governance, is focused on monitoring data collected by analytics and digital marketing tags sent via network requests. Tag governance solutions crawls through your web pages to identify potential tagging errors.

Your website may have –

  • Unauthorised tags
  • Misconfigured tags
  • Missing Tags
  • Duplicate Tags

Every tag presence in website will increase complexity, which if not governed can lead to –

  • Inflated Data
  • Loss of irrecoverable data
  • Inaccurate data collection impacting organizational decisions
  • Threat to data privacy with a 3rd party having access to your data
  • More work for data end consumers.

All these outputs ultimately contribute to poor data quality and poor data driven decisions.

Falcon’s website tag audit tool crawls through each page of your website and scan your network requests used to collect data. It provides you a tag analysis report that helps you identify all your potential tagging errors.

Our website audit tool helps you understand whether tags are deployed correctly on each page of your website and hence acts a perfect data governance tool. In a short time, Falcon provides you with the real time details of missing/duplicate and unauthorised tags which are a threat to your data privacy and data quality. It also removes the possibility of any manual intervention while monitoring the source of data collection and reduces chance of error.

We recommend you to try our free trial to see how easy the process of tag and data governance can be! We are sure that we will fulfil your data governance needs and improving data quality will be a smooth sail for you with Falcon.


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