Falcon – The Extensive Tag Auditing Platform your Website Deserves

Falcon Tag Audit

Falcon, a  Tag Auditing Platform crafted by Nabler, provides you with reports which keep track of the health of the websites being monitored Falcon automatically scans the pages on your website while searching for key metrics for tags and page level analysis. The results generated from these scans are summarised into comprehensible analytics, on a compact dashboard. Falcon offers high end Tag Auditing solutions with the following features


  • Regular scanning

In order to take good care of your website, regular scans are of utmost importance. With Falcon, you don’t have to mark your calendars or set reminders for scanning the website yourself. Unlike most of our competitors, we offer the feature of scheduled scans, which can be used to monitor your website performance and your tags on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Scan what matters most.

Once you know which areas of your website are not functioning efficiently, you can scan selectively, instead of going through the entire website repeatedly. This not only saves you time but also provides you with quick, accurate results. With Falcon’s very own scenario builder, you can now choose the path which matters most to you. All you need to do is use the specific instructions available for automated navigation.

  • Everything you need on one dashboard.

While the scan results for most tools would include only tag analytics or website performance, Falcon offers you the best of both. From the crawl reports on Tag Auditing to an illustrated report on the performance of your website, Falcon provides you with easily digestible analytics on a user-friendly dashboard.

  • More than what’s out there.

Our tag analytics reporting is as detailed as it can be, with insights on hard code tags along with reporting of basic tag implementations such as the presence or absence of Marketing Pixels, Analytical Tools and Tag Management. Falcon provides you with a unique feature – insights on duplicate page views. This ensures that you do not over-count your visitors. The tag analytics along with the website performance report are as elaborate as they can get!

  • Once you’re in, you’ll love it!

On signing up, we offer you a scan limit of 10 crawls per month, with a page limit of 50 for each. The analytics from these crawls can be used to identify hard coded tags, broken tags, duplicate tags, missing tags, and broken links, pages requiring greater loading time. The tag analytics along with the website performance report provides you with proper insight on the health of the website, along with detailed insights on pages not loading or slowing down the website. These reports can be easily viewed and assessed on our dashboard at any given point of time. Moreover, signing up does not require any charges. This assures that you have plenty of reasons to stay!

  • Try us before you join us.

While scanning and auditing on most products requires you to sign up and pay premium charges, Falcon lets you scan and audit 10 web pages at one go, without even having to sign in. The results are indicated along with comprehensive analyses on our user friendly dashboard. This lets you assess Falcon and its utility before you make your decision. You can avail the Falcon experience here.

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