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Are you sure you trust your data? Do you have resources to maintain top notch data accuracy? Think again!

If you can verify each data point manually without error, cost effectively and without the help of automated tools, well you’re superhuman. You must be taking the best business decisions and driving best results. Well, this is most likely to be hypothetical.

But if you’re struggling to ensure data credibility and taking poor data driven decisions, you need to stop and re-think.

Data is one of the most valuable assets of any organization in today’s day and age. It has become the foundation to make all internal and external business decisions and demands to be correct.

Data collection is growing exponentially in all organizations. It is important to maintain data quality to ensure data credibility. The data that is collected needs to be free of error, up to date and actionable. Let’s understand how data is collected on a website.

Hundreds and thousands of ‘tags’ are placed across several webpages to capture consumer data. A tag is a small piece of code that is implemented on a webpage to capture a touch point in the consumer journey. The slightest of error in tag implementation will contribute to poor data quality and hence poor data credibility. This can lead to poor data driven decisions that are a deterrent to achievement of organizational goals.

Hence, it is of utmost importance that every data point is checked and verified to make your data trustworthy. But how do you that? Manually?

Imagine yourself and a team sit and manually verify each tag placed on each webpage. Verifying multiple tags on a webpage can multiply your work hours too. Is it possible for you to overlook a tag? Or maybe forget to remove an outdated/duplicate tag? Or maybe even while cross-checking the code, place a broken tag? Yes, most likely, it is. You’re human.

Also, let’s not forget how much time and resources will be inefficiently utilized by deploying this process.

What if you had a data governance framework in place that could automate the process of ensuring data credibility super easy? Well, you can deploy one and let’s see how.

A data governance framework defines rules and policies to manage and monitor the organization’s data while maintaining data credibility and data privacy.

Data Governance = People + Process + Technology

A data governance committee is put in place to monitor the process of governing data by making technological changes. A data governance framework ensures automated and accurate data collection and boosts your ROI on data driven decisions.

Data Governance

Falcon’s website tag audit platform helps you ease your data governance process and automates it completely. It helps you ensure data credibility and improves data quality. Falcon governs tags (source of data collection) and helps you detect data errors just in a few minutes.

Let’s see how Falcon can help you fulfill your data governance needs!

1) Better Data Driven Decisions to improve User Experience

Data Credibility and Data Integrity is the key to actionable insights from data. Data driven decisions can only be taken when you can rely and trust your data. You can deep dive into the details of how your consumer is interacting with your website with the help of data. You can get to know the behavior of your consumer like a best friend in case you have the right data.

It is important that the tags that have been fired on your website have been deployed correct to the T so as to capture accurate data. This data can help you find the pain points in the consumer journey and improve user experience on the website.

Falcon’s website tag audit help you scan and crawl every page of your website and gives you a consumable report of all areas where the tags have been incorrectly deployed on your website.

Correctly Deployed Tags – Accurate Data – Data Credibility – Better Data Driven Decisions

2) Personalize User Experience with Trustworthy Data

Credible data allow organizations to create unique experiences for each customer that comes to the website. Personalization has now become an indispensable part of user experience. It allows you to provide relevant content to the people who come to your website. Trustworthy and accurate data can aid personalization of user experience and help converting a lead to a customer. It’s more likely that past and existing users show better buying behavior when presented with content curated to their preferences. This is only possible when tags fired on the website collect accurate data from the start to the end of the journey. If a data governance process is put in place, personalized user experience can be maximized to get best data driven results.

 Personalize User Experience

3) No 3rd Party Intervention in Data Monitoring Process

Hundreds of tags are implemented across your website to capture consumer data. What would happen if you had to manually intervene and monitor the tags to ensure data credibility? Your marketing and data team will sit for hours to go through each tag, for routine checks or even finding just 1 tag that’s been fired incorrectly.

Why not have a solution that can crawl all your web pages and find that one incorrect tag that’s been causing an issue? At the click of a button?

Falcon’s data governance solutions ensures no intervention in the data monitoring process. Our tag analytics gives you a detailed report of all tags that aid to inaccurate data collection.

It reduces data vulnerability and restricts data access as the process is completely automated. You do not require any code to be installed on web pages for Falcon to perform a tag audit.

It helps you save on time, money and human resource that would otherwise be utilized ineffectively in manual tag audit.

It also ensures data privacy and ensures data compliance for data protection.

4) Acts as a data governance tool

A data governance tool aids the process of data governance by automating its workflow and structuring data at one place. Tags are updated very often on a website to capture consumer data in different ways. This process is manual and increases chances of incorrect tag deployment. Sometimes, you can also forget to remove outdated tags or place broken links which can lead to duplicate or missing data.

Falcon acts as a data governance tool as it performs a tag audit & provides a consumable report of all tags present/not present on all the webpages. It helps you to monitor the presence of all tags and analytical tool. Compliance with regulations are also taken care of.

Falcon helps improve data quality and integrity. Actionable insights can be driven from data when you can trust your data.

All in all, our website tag audit solution acts as a data governance tool that helps ensure data credibility and improves data quality. It performs tag audit to identify all existent mistakes with tags fired on your website. It automates the whole process of data governance and helps you save on time, money and human resource to monitor data.

So, if you are looking to ensure data credibility for your organization, Sign up for our free trial today!

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