Can you turn your consumer data to actionable insights?


If you’re looking to be a data hero, guiding your company with data driven actionable insights to skyrocket their website performance, then this exclusive piece is for you!

Data is probably the most clinical element in marketing personalization and improving website performance. In today’s day and age, all your marketing decisions cannot just be influenced by data, but they must be data-driven. So, how do you collect, visualize and then draw actionable insights from your data? Let me explain it to you.

Tags help you capture and collect consumer data on your website. A tag is a small piece of code that is implemented on your website to track each point of the consumer journey. One/multiple tags can be implemented in order to capture the data that you want. It is also important that the tags are deployed correctly on each webpage so that accurate data collection takes place. Incorrect tag deployment can also affect web performance/site performance by slowing down your web pages and get the user to bounce off your website.

After data collection, we move towards data visualization. After you’ve collected that huge amount of data, you will need a data processing or analytical tool to help you organize data into reports. Google Analytics does a fantastic job with that. You will have a definitive data driven idea about the user journey on the website with these reports.

But what after the data collection and data visualization process? You need to analyses data/reports to turn it into insights on which you can act to improve your ROI and website performance.

Actionable Insights are a middle ground or partnership between analysis and reporting. Reports will make you question your decisions and analysis will help you answer them.

So, let’s think about a few probable questions that can arise after data visualization?

  • Is the right data being captured? If not, then what are the reasons?
  • Are you losing out on any data?
  • Where does the consumer stop interacting on the website? What can be the reason for that?

Let’s now analyse these problems and think of the probable answers that we have come to after auditing our website performance.

  • Are incorrect tags or broken tags fired on a few web pages? This can lead to inflation of data or otherwise. Example of inaccurate collection and reports.
  • Did we forget or miss to trigger a tag on a few web pages? Or is analytical site tracking not enabled on a few web pages? Then, we are losing out on irrecoverable data and this needs to be immediately fixed.
  • Have too many tags been triggered on a web page? Is this slowing down the website load time and causing the consumer to bounce off the website? Or it’s a webpage redirected to a server error? Can be either of these reasons.

What would you do next? You will manually find the actionable insights from the given case above and start to fix each of these issues, one by one. This will be an extremely time-consuming process as you will need to first find out pain points, then analyse the cause of it and act upon the cause to drive better results.

What if we told you, that Falcon can help you find the pain points in your tag and website analytics and give you insights that you can immediately act upon, in just a few minutes? Pretty impressive, right?

Falcon is website tag audit tool that crawls each page of your website and gives you and Tag Analytics and Website Performance report.

The Tag Analytics report helps you identify the pages on which duplicate/broken/incorrect tags exist, pages on which tags are missing and the pages which do not have site analytical tracking/tag management enabled.

The Website Performance Report gives you a downloadable report of the load time of each webpage. You can filter the pages with high website load time and fix the issue. It also gives you a report of the webpages that have client/redirection/server errors. It gives you a comprehensive overview of all the problems that are slowing down your website performance.

Falcon helps you draw actionable insights from data at one place. It helps you save time and effort on analysing your reports manually, and helps you save on human and financial resources.

Try Falcon’s free trial of tag audit for your website today and improve your website performance faster than ever before!

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