Benefits of Tag Audit: Get Automated Insights from Data

Automated Insights from Data


Are you working overnight just to manually fix your incorrect tags? Looking for more time to get actionable insights from consumer data over sitting and finding incorrect deployment of tags and pixels? Read this post to know how a tag audit tool can save you time and resources for data governance. Understand the importance of automated insights that you can derive from data to improve your ROI on marketing decisions.

A Tag is a small piece of code that is triggered on each of the pages of your website through which you want to capture and eventually analyze consumer behavior. Incorrect deployment of tags can lead to inaccurate data collection and eventually lead to poor marketing decisions.

The biggest nightmare for an analyst would be to present actionable insights from inaccurate data and degrade site performance. Often, you can NOT trust your data and spend double the time cleaning it up.

So, how does a website tag audit tool become your messiah and save you from all the manual work of cleaning and fixing incorrect data?

A website tag audit tool, like Falcon, scans and crawls every page of your website to give you reports for key metrics of tags and website performance.

Our scan will get deep insight into the pages that are missing Analytical tools, Marketing Pixels, Tag management and identify the pages causing Duplicate page view and redundant Tags, to improve page performance. We also help you get performance breakdown on DNS, Server connection and TTFB level and estimated load times across the pages.

But the most impressive feature of Falcon as a website audit tool is the “Automated Insights” that it provides you for the website. Let’s understand how.

Say, you’re a data analyst/marketing analyst who’s responsible for making data-driven marketing decisions to improve website performance. How would you go about it?

You will manually figure out the tags that have been incorrectly deployed, the pages that have Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager disabled on them. You need to do this as this is the cause of inaccurate data collection. Tedious.

After sitting for long hours and going through each page, you will list down pages with very high load time and server errors.

Then after you have these huge unorganized lists, you will put the outcome into the “data analysis” mode and spend hours to make a summary of all the issues to present to your top management. You will need to use all your grey matter to then prioritize the issues to be solved and present what you’ve been successful at doing, till now.

After this, you will see the actions that need to be taken to fix these issues and improve your site performance.

Now, this is exhaustive and time-consuming. You might be tired just even after reading this.

Do you know what would I do, if I were in your place? I would make life easy and just use Falcon. I will tell you why.

Falcon provides you with a Tag Analytics and Website Performance Report that provides you details about missing/incorrect tags, implementation of site analytical tracking and tag management tools. It will also give you the list of web pages having higher load time, and server errors.

The most impressive thing is Falcon’s Feature of Automated Insights. Imagine you get a one-page report like this –

Things that you need to act upon (Observations)

2% of your web pages have duplicate tags. This leads to inflated data metrics

3% of your webpages are not covered by any Tag Management System

5% of your web pages have no tags. You might be losing irrecoverable data.

Needs Attention (Alerts)

2% of the pages are missing marketing pixels

Things you can be Proud Of (Success)

100% of the pages are covered by Analytical Tools

Falcon does tasks 1-3 (mentioned above) in a few minutes that you’d take days and hours to do. It also gives you an overview of where you’re succeeding. It gives you the leverage to use your precious time to arrive at actions you can take to boost website performance by fixing these issues.

To summarize, here’s why our automated insights feature can change the way you work –

Takes a fraction of time compared to manual website tag audit and tag monitoring.

Helps you save a lot on human effort and monetary resources

Minimal/very low chance of error in reporting as there is no manual intervention

Helps you prioritize processes that need immediate action

Try out Falcon’s free website tag audit trial today. Get automated insights from data and accelerate your efforts to improve your website performance!


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