Automate Data Quality Monitoring with Falcon


Are you drowning in collecting and analysing the data that your organisation is collecting every day? Are you concerned about the data quality of your organisation collected using tag implementations? Do you think this affecting your decision-making abilities? Well, you have then come to the right place. Let me tell you how to automate data quality monitoring with Falcon and make the best data driven decisions for your organisation.

High quality customer data is the backbone of good planning, sales, marketing and customer experience. Data quality becomes the most important factor in driving high ROI business decisions.

Poor data quality can lead to:

  • Poor user experience and customer dissatisfaction
  • Higher Operational Costs
  • Organisational disbelief
  • Poor Data Driven Decision Making

Hence, it becomes increasingly important to have automated data quality checks and a data monitoring system to maintain data quality. It is important that from collection to analysis, data protection through data monitoring remains a priority. By relying on the statistical information rather than a gut feeling, you allow the data to lead you to be in the right place at the right time.

Let’s understand how most organisations lose out on data quality and how you can avoid these mistakes.

Data collection on websites happens through snippets of codes called tags. Accurate data needs to be collected through these tags to maintain data quality. Usually, series of tags are triggered across web pages to try and collect consumer data at every point of their journey. They can also include 3rd party tags. It is important to have a data monitoring system in place to ensure that the right tags are placed on your website, tags are fired correctly and at the right place to collect the right data.


Organisations that suffer with poor data quality have been observed to have a manual data monitoring and data quality check process. They invest in a lot of human resource to monitor tags. Large number of people invest hours and hours to monitor and report incorrect deployment of tags.

Manual intervention in the process of data governance comes with a very high price. The possibility of error while monitoring tags on website is very high. You can be entangled in a web while monitoring so many tags deployed on each webpage.

Here are just few of the possible errors that manual data monitoring can come with –

  • Losing time-sensitive data
  • Breaching data privacy standards
  • making terrible decisions based on incorrect data.

It leads to inefficient utilisation of human resource, cost and time. Often, it becomes extremely difficult for analysts to manage routine data quality audit and checks and their regular work. They compromise on one or the other and end up increasing data risks.

Thus, it’s important that data governance is automated as much as possible to reduce data risks and ensure accountability for an organization’s data.

Falcon’s website tag audit is a completely automated data monitoring system that gives you a report on all the tags triggered on all pages in domain, subdomains.

Falcon crawls each page on your website to provide a breakdown of all the tags present without you having to install any code.

Our tag analysis reports help you identify any unauthorised/broken/duplicate tags just in a few minutes. This helps you rectify broken tags and improve data quality.

Websites update tags very frequently (especially 3rd party tags) and forget to remove it during manual data monitoring. Since Falcon gives you a report of all the tags present on a webpage, you can remove outdated 3rd party tags and prevent your data to be accessed by unauthorised parties. Removing unauthorised tags reduce data vulnerability and increases data protection.

Falcon scan helps you identify pages where tags aren’t triggered, and analytical tracking is not enabled. In tag analysis report, the compiled data can then be used to ensure that each page has tags collecting data as expected. To ensure that good data quality is maintained throughout the data governance process, it is important to conduct routine automated data quality checks. With the help of our Scheduled Scan feature, you can set the time frequency at which you want Falcon to perform data quality audit. You can also select the number of webpages for which you require a tag analytics report.

So, no more squeezing time in your busy schedule for performing data quality audit manually. Let us do that for you just in a matter of few minutes.

You can focus on using accurate and good quality data to analyse and use them for real time business insights.

We recommend you to avail our free trial and automate your data quality monitoring process. Falcon will help you improve data quality and form a foundation for good data driven decisions. It will allow you to make the best use of your human resource involved with data management and save on time and money.

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