Are you remarketing your product to the right audience?


Remarketing is one of the most cost-effective and clever tactics to convert a potential consumer into a real consumer, only when your retargeting is on point. Remarketing is a type of online marketing that enables websites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited the website. It is the perfect way to interact with your potential customers after they have visited your website.

Remarketing ads help you to send out different messages for different sets of people who have taken no/some action on your website. As these audiences browse the search engine, the retargeted audience are shown relevant banner ads. These ads are shown on various websites, social media platforms and search engines with a message that lures them to click and revisit your website.

These remarketing audiences are set up through remarketing lists. Remarketing lists are built on remarketing code that is triggered on your website and which user data is collected through browser cookies. The remarketing code is known as remarketing pixels. The code is customized for different pages to create defined categories for different data sets that are collected.

By now you know how remarketing ads can help you target specific audiences. But remarketing ads can go horribly wrong and can lead to targeting a broad audience with an irrelevant message. Let’s see that through an example.

You are planning a trip to Switzerland. You go to a trusted travel booking website, and search for all the packages that include Switzerland as a destination. Just before you click the “Book Now” button, you are disturbed and bounce off the website.

The next day, you open your mailbox and find an email by mentioning “80% off on your favorite travel tour package”. You are excited and open the email. But what does it turn out to be?

It is an ad by, offering 80% off on Australian tour packages. It is not relevant to you. You do not take any call to action from the email.

But what if, had shown you an advertisement for a Switzerland tour package? Would you have clicked the ad to check out’s Switzerland package? In all probability, yes. Just because, targeted you with a wrong ad, they lost a customer who could get them the $$$.

This is just one example of remarketing gone wrong.

There can be many more instances where you can target a wrong/broad audience for a remarketing advertisement.

Why does this happen?

The piece of HTML code (remarketing pixels) that enables you to track user behavior can also contribute to you retargeting a wrong/broad audience.

In above mentioned scenario, it is most likely that the webpage did not have the remarketing tag (missing marketing pixel) fired on it, and you were retargeted for a different ad.

Missing/ duplicate/ broken marketing pixels or pixels that do not fire on one/more webpages lead to inaccurate data collection. This will lead to targeting the incorrect/broad audience while launching your remarketing ads. Further, you will lose users, whom you could, convert into customers.

It is extremely important that a tag audit platform is used to find marketing pixels that aid to inaccurate data collection. You absolutely need a platform that crawls individual pages of your website and gives you downloadable results of pages where marketing tags/pixels are enabled or not. It should also give you a report of duplicate or broken tags.

You will be able to, then, use this report to rectify errors related to pixels that have been incorrectly deployed. This will ensure that you get accurate data is added to remarketing lists and you are able to retarget and interact with the right set of people for a specific remarketing ad.

Falcon’s website tag audit platform can help you crawl individual web pages and give you a list of webpages where your marketing pixels have been implemented or not. Our free trial can help you scan up to 50 pages of your website in a few minutes and help you identify incorrectly deployed tags.

It will help have a smooth sail to retarget the correct set of people with your remarketing ads. Remarketing is proven to produce 2-3X higher conversion rates and ROI than other methods of marketing and Falcon can act as a catalyst for this process!

So, audit your website for free today, with Falcon and enhance your tag governance practices!

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