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An audit of your core digital analytics implementation is often the first required step towards improving your organization’s analytics maturity. Many organizations have struggled to maintain accurate, complete data from their digital analytics solutions, creating a lack of trust when decisions need to be made. The decisions taken at every stage is dependent on the data you collect. The most valuable sources through which you or any digital stake holder could learn about the online consumer behavior of the website visitors are Marketing tags, web analytics tags and tag management systems.  Translating data into practical insights easily daily is a huge strategic advantage to your business. Without the right data, you will be led astray no matter what you do.

How Can Falcon Help your Business thrive?

To become fully data-driven professionals and be able to optimize our web properties, we need to create a solid ground of data-driven decision-making environment. We shall discuss how our tag audit tool Falcon can make your day-to-day measurement tasks much easier and more reliable.

Locate missing tags

Do you often face the problem of website analytics tags disappearing from your website or none of your data being captured when you access website analytics tools like AdWords, google analytics etc?

There must be a way to automate audit process and be alerted if suddenly tags are missing on certain actions or high-value pages. The more data that you don’t track, or the more time that you lose tracking for different retargeting platforms or advertising systems, the more money wasted not targeting the specific customers or audiences for your business.

Having an ongoing scan and background audit tool like Falcon keeps you from wasting time, money and resources on trying to identify missing tag issues. When tags are missing or dropped, or even when the changes need fix tracking, it is extremely helpful to have insights which are proactive.

Eliminate multiple tags on web pages

I’ve seen too many cases where web developers have forgotten pages with multiple tags running in them. Usage of one tag in a page is very straight forwarded advice than trying to have multiple properties executed in a single page. You can use the Falcon to track pages you’re visiting for multiple tags and fix them quickly.

Be cautious about duplicate tags

The consequences of having two Analytics scripts, especially if they are pointing to the same account ID, is that you’ll end up double counting pageviews, visits, etc. A lot of metrics are affected by duplicated tracking code, including pageviews (which get inflated), bounce rate (which drops to almost 0) and many others.If you have a duplicate page view issue then you are going to have a bounce rate issue and also trickle down effects on your average time on site, average time on page, etc. Bounce rate would be an issue with duplicate page views or tag issues. Falcon highlights the pages firing duplicate page views and hence help in preventing bounce rate issue.

Be wary of unwanted tags 

During a tag audit, keep an eye on all the tags that are fired. There may be cases where a tag that is supposed to be fired for some other interaction may also fire in the current scenario. For e.g. when you view a form, a “video is viewed” tag should not fire or vice versa. After scanning your pages for all the existing tags, you can export file containing all the information about each of your vendors and tag implementation. Falcon tag audit allows you to quickly sort and filter data to help identify potential areas to improve.

Check for HTTP status codes

When the browser sends HTTP request to the server, the server sends back an HTTP

Response with any one of the status codes such as 200, 404, 302 etc., Generally, a successful response is denoted by 200 which means the website analytics data is entering the respective website analytics tool. Analytics tools even capture the redirect or 302 redirect responses. However, when status codes are 400, 404 etc., then there is an error on the client side, and this need to be investigated further.

Tags are one of the most effective ways to assess, control your website and digital marketing strategies. With proper tags, the decisions made are always based on reliable data which leads to effective decision making. In the entire process toward ensuring data accuracy, Tag auditing is the foremost step.

Falcon helps you eliminate any outdated, misfiring and malfunctioning of tags. This way, you’re always backed by the right data.  We would recommend conducting an analytics tag audit at a monthly basis.

This is how Falcon helps you bring out the best in your tags, and helps you back your business strategies with the right data. Scan your website for free with Falcon to always be soaring to greater heights!



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