10 Best Analytical Tools you need to Upgrade your Marketing Arsenal

10 Top Website Tools

In times where you’re always out there, competing with a firm doing something pretty similar to what you do, how do you stand out ? You upgrade your arsenal, and ensure that you always have a few tricks up your sleeve. There are several tools out there today, which are power packed and promising. Here are the 10 best tools you need to improvise on your marketing game.

Google Analytics

One of the most powerful and widely available tools out there, Google Analytics is undeniably the best free analytics platform for any website. Being highly popular, it can be easily integrated onto any platform and tells you what’s working for you and what isn’t. The only downside to this platform is the time taken for new updates. Google Analytics 360, on the other hand, can handle larger amounts of data but is heavily priced.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe has come up with a great web analytics tool to use, which provides you with an incredible 24/7 support system. While Google Analytics stores data for up to 25 months, Adobe Analytics stores your data for as long as you avail their services! What’s more, their e-commerce tracking system is one which has always stayed ahead of Google’s counterpart. Also, they have a large catalog of tools which include the ones by Adobe along with third party tools. This keeps them several steps ahead of Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360, as far as data connectors are concerned.


If you wish to know how people interact with your content, Chartbeat is your analytics tool. If your website publishes content regularly, you’ll love how this tool delivers you the insights related to your content and the way it performs on being published.


If you’re looking for a platform which is centered around the visitors, then Kissmetrics is the tool you need. Not only does it track the individual journey of each individual through your sales funnel, but it also tells you how their behavior changes with time. It offers you all of this in a visual timeline which you can easily understand.


Another analytics tool with a real time feature, Clicky tells you how many users are interacting with your website, and the way they do so. It stands out as a powerful and flexible tool which is often compared to Google Analytics. It tells you when the visitors enter your website, how they interact with your content, and the point at which they leave, all in real time! It also has a special feature which lets you track any mentions of your website on Twitter.

Spring Metrics

Spring Metrics deserves to be on this list because of the way it has simplified analytics tools for you. This platform tracks the visitor’s path from their entry to the point of exit. It also provides you with real-time conversion analytics, keyword analytics, top conversion sources, landing page analysis, email performance reports and even the simple point-and-click configuration. The simplicity of this tool has had many users switch over from Google Analytics.


Mint is a self hosted analytics tool. It can be used to get real time stats,which hasn’t been made freely available on Google Analytics.  Using Mint, you can track your visitors, where they’re coming from and how they’re interacting with your web pages, in real time!

New Relic

Unlike Google Analytics whose metrics depends on page views, New Relic’s insights are application centric. This means that the data they provide you is way more detailed and granular, and originates from the application, instead of coming from a traditional analytics service. All of this is possible because their software agent goes right into the application, to generate data. Much like going into the heart of the matter, isn’t it ?


In more ways than one, Mixpanel becomes the specialist where Google Analytics remains the jack of all trades. Firstly, their event tracking model easier to understand, more flexible and simpler to report on. Their funnel analysis gives them an edge over several competitors. Add to this an in-built retention analysis and a user friendly segmentation analysis, and you have the perfect marketing tool.

Stat Counter

Another specialist tool, Stat Counter is a powerful, free to use web analytics tool. It provides you with real time analytics and highlights unconventional navigation paths, so as to provide you with the lowest of bounce rates. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of how you could encourage your visitors to explore the website. What’s more, if you like having complete access to data, Stat Counter provides you with raw data. This, along with the ability to analyse search engine traffic and to account for visitors without using JavaScript make it an immensely reliable  tool to use.

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