Is your digital implementation giving you the correct metrics?

There are several factors affecting the accuracy of your metrics on google Analytics. Often, your metrics are affected by the accuracy of the page views. These numbers are used to measure the bounce and conversion rates on your website, besides several other parameters. From using older versions of analytics to poor implementation and even over […]

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Tag Auditing For a Healthy Website in 2019

We are often taught that for good health, we should exercise regularly and “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” That’s all well and good, but what about for improving the health of a website? Is there a secret recipe? Recently some of our team conducted an experiment, […]

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The Importance of Tags and Tag Auditing Platforms

Tags and tags auditing platforms connect data for better decisions.

Data driven decision making is the trusted path followed by all businesses today. This data is collected by tags, which are essentially snippets of JavaScript code. They enable 3rd-party tracking, analysis, and reporting of websites. It is these tags which capture visitor behaviour, after which they profile and context the data on your website. Tags are also used to drop cookies on visitors so that you can retarget them with advertising, in future. Besides collecting data on web browsers, tags form the very foundation of digital analytics. Everything we see today, from analytics tools to digital marketing campaigns, runs on tags.

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Falcon – The Extensive Tag Auditing Platform your Website Deserves

Extensive tag auditing of websites by Falcon

Falcon, a  Tag Auditing Platform crafted by Nabler, provides you with reports which keep track of the health of the websites being monitored Falcon automatically scans the pages on your website while searching for key metrics for tags and page level analysis. The results generated from these scans are summarised into comprehensible analytics, on a […]

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